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Book club for kids

My 7 year old has been part of a book club this summer thanks to a friends suggestion. (Thanks Heydie!) She and a few friends read half a book each week and then we all get together to discuss what they read and how they felt about it.


We go to the library together and pick out a book that they all think looks interesting. The girls (this would be great for boys too) read a portion of the book and then we get together for them to discuss it.

They answer questions together like:

Who are the characters?

What is the setting?

What is the main idea of chapter 1, 2, 3…?

What do you predict will be the ending?

What was your favorite part?

It’s been so much fun and such a great addition to our summer. It creates a fun way for her to make sure she gets her reading in, while also working on her reading comprehension during the summer months.


We jazz it up with tea parties, snacks or lunch, and playtime afterwards, which makes the girls even more excited to participate.

I thought this was such a good idea and so enjoyed by all of us that I would share this creative and cute idea with you.

7 thoughts on “Book club for kids

  1. Ooh! This is a great idea to get the kids active and keep their minds working in the middle of summer. This sounds like a blast. Your food looks AAAAMAZINGGGG! Thanks for being so inspiring and helping me and my family πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

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  2. What a wonderful idea. So inspiring for readers of all ages. I have a book club of one. I discuss my books with myself. Maybe I should join.πŸ˜‚

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  3. Spectacular! I’m going to see if I can stir up interest over here for my kids and their friends. Thanks, Linz! xoxo


    1. Yay! That would be awesome! Katie can always do one with them and they can FaceTime their talk (when we can’t see you) if you want too!!


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